G7C Wireless Personal Safety Device


G7C Standard Cartridge

G7C Wireless Personal Safety Device with standard and 4 gas cartridge options. *Note: The G7C must be purchased with a service plan. See related products for service options.*

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Keep your peace of mind with you in a device that fits in the palm of your hand. The G7c from Blackline Safety is the advanced technological evolution of bringing a canary into a coal mine. Offering wireless personal safety and lone worker monitoring, the device connects workers to real monitoring personnel using 3G cellular networks.

G7c automatically watches over workers and calls for help, even when the employee can't. All safety incidents are communicated to 24/7 monitoring personnel who can mobilize responders to an employee’s exact location or trigger an evacuation in real-time. With a two-way speakerphone, monitoring personnel can communicate with the worker. Constant connectivity and incident alerting provide critical insights and situational awareness for optimized emergency responses.

Connected safety: respond to any situation instantly, use real-time, work-anywhere communications, get automatic detection and location mapping, and use cellular and satellite connectivity. Modular design: standard, single, and quad-gas cartridge options, pre-calibrated cartridge replacements, and wireless configuration and firmware updates. Critical awareness: map potential injury sites and persistent gas leaks, mass-notify your teams when trouble strikes, and see real-time data with 24/7 monitoring.

Key Features:

  • Fall detection and no motion detection: Tri-axis accelerometer, tri-axis gyro, software processing, configurable sensitivity, configurable time window (1-30 mins, or off ) for no motion detection
  • Emergency latch: Pull latch to trigger remote alert
  • Silent emergency: Press and hold latch to trigger remote alert
  • Low-battery: configurable threshold
  • Worker check-in: Configurable timer (5–180 min, or off ), automatic check-in when driving

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