MicroScanner² Cable Verifier


MicroScanner² Cable Verifier with interface displaying graphical wiremap, length, cable ID, and distance to fault

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The fluke MicroScanner2 Cable Verifier is the best way to verify voice, data, and video cables and services, all with a revolutionary user interface. With the MicroScanner’s interface, you can see a graphical wiremap, length, cable ID, and distance to fault displayed on one screen. Test all common media types including RJ11, RJ45, and coaxial with no need for adapters. Using IntelliTone toning, you can trace virtually any cable or wire pair with the IntelliTone digital and analog toner. Use VDV service detection to verify today’s media services including 10/100/1000 Ethernet, POTS, and PoE. The MicroScanner’s large, backlit LCD display gives you easy-to-read results in bright sunshine, or a dark room—and don’t worry about drops or slips, the MicroScanner has an integrated rubber holster that enhances grip, and is durable enough for the toughest jobs.

Key Features:

  • Revolutionary user interface gives you important information for your cable testing on one large, backlit, easy-to-read screen. Whether in bright sunlight, or a dark room, you won’t ever have to wonder what your results are
  • Make adapters a thing of the past—get built-in RJ11, RJ45, and coaxial support. Both the main unit and the far-end identifier can be used to test telephone jacks, Ethernet jacks, and CATV outlets out of the box
  • Use built-in IntelliTone digital and analog toning to precisely locate virtually any cable or wire pair, regardless of work environment—use digital mode to locate high-grade data cabling (Cat 5e,6,6a) in bundles, at switches, patch panels, or wall outlets; use analog mode on voice-grade cabling (Cat 3 and below), as well as coaxial, security, alarm, and speaker wiring
  • Voice, data, and video (VDV) detection gives technicians high-power vision—detect the presence of POTS voltage and verify polarity. Verify powered 10/100/1000 Ethernet switches at the far end, or confirm proper PoE voltage and pairs
  • Features a rubber wrap-around holster, and carry pouch for enhanced protection in any environment
  • Choose from a number of kits and accessories