Raytek® Raynger® 3i Plus Laser Temperature Gun

Raytek Raynger® 3i Plus with temperature range from 400–3000°C (752-5432°F)

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Raytek Raynger® 3i Plus features fast and easy transfer of data to PC or smartphone, a mobile application for quick data transfer and collaboration, and can be used as a temporary online thermometer.

This new generation of handheld infrared thermometer is designed for use in high-temperature industrial applications, such as iron and steel, metal refining, foundry and processing operations, ceramics, semiconductors, chemical and petrochemical furnaces, as well as heat treatment and power plants.

Key Features:

  • Flexible for wide range of applications/temperatures
  • Rugged design reducing risk of damage (withstands 1m (3.2ft) drop)
  • Dual laser and scope sighting options for fast and simple target aiming
  • Red Dot sighting technology for accurate targeting against “red hot” backgrounds
  • "Red Nose" heat resistant warning-detector and alarm
  • High optical resolution ensures accurate temperature readings at longer distances
  • Ambient operating temperatures: 0 to 50ºC (32 to 120ºF)
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