VT04 Visual IR Thermometers


Includes VT04 with Hard Case and Li-ion rechargeable batteries

VT04 Visual IR Thermometer with blended heat map image and pocket-size design

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Temperature is often the first indication of potential problems in electrical and mechanical applications. Spot the first sign of trouble with the Fluke VT04 Visual IR Thermometer and easily determine if an electrical panel has a hot spot, a motor is overheating or an HVAC system is inefficient. The VT04 is a handheld, non-contact infrared thermometer, allowing users to instantly measure equipment temperatures in hard-to-reach or hazardous areas. See more than you would with a standard infrared thermometer with the VT04. The Visual IR Thermometer allows users to see issues in context by blending the infrared heat map with the visual image.

Key Features:

  • Visual image and infrared heat map blending – Identify the exact location of the potential issue by blending the visual image with the heat map overlay at 0%, 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% infrared with one button
  • NEAR and FAR mode – Align the visual and thermal lenses to correctly identify the location of the issue
  • Center measurement box – See the exact area of temperature measurement right on the screen
  • Temperature alarms and automated monitoring features - Identify intermittent problems by monitoring equipment over time or get alerts when a temperature is outside the expected range
  • Hot and cold markers – Instantly identify hottest and coldest spots within the field of view
  • Save in .bmp or .is2 format - Choose .bmp when all you want is the image, or use .is2 format that can be edited in SmartView® software
  • SmartView® reporting software – Optimize the image blending and palette and quickly create professional reports
  • Pocket-size design – Handy when you need it and easily fits in your tool bag or pocket Intuitive interface – Get to work as soon as you take it out of the box
  • Hard or soft case – Protect your visual IR thermometer with a soft case (VT04A) or hard case (VT04) Choose your preferred way of powering your visual IR thermometer – 4 AA batteries (VT04A) or a rechargeable Li-ion battery (VT04)