MX8030 Proximity Probe


Measuring System: Metric; Armor: Yes; Case Thread and Tip Diameter: Thread:3/8"-24 Tip:8mm; Mount: FWD; Unthreaded Length: 0.2" (call for custom sizing); Case Length: 1.2" (call for custom sizing); Total Length: 0.5m; Agency Approval: None

MX8030 Proximity Probe Series with VibeLock Connectors and optional Hazardous Area Approvals

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The Metrix MX8030 Proximity Probe Series are agency certified for hazardous areas (ATEX/CE, CSA, IECEx) and come standard with VibeLock Connectors and Triaxial Cables.

The MX8030 is the perfect solution for a range of industries and environments including refineries, petrochemical plants, natural gas transmission, natural gas processing, power generation plants or any oil & gas application. The MX8030 probe series consist of 5mm and 8mm tip diameter probes and are available with all standard thread sizes and body configurations required in the API 670 Standard.

The Metrix MX8030 probes offer a full 80 mil (2mm) range, and are designed to offer full API 670-compliant performance characteristics when used with a matching MX8031 extension cable and MX2033 driver. MX8030 probes are fully interchangeable with Bentley Nevada (BN) 3300 and 3300 XL 5mm/8mm probes.

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