PDA1044 ProVu Digital I/O Expansion Module


ProVu Expansion Module for the Precision Digital PD6000, PD6001, PD6060, PD6081, PD6088, PD6089, PD6100, PD6200, PD6210, PD6262, PD6300, PD6310, PD6310-WM, PD6363, PD6400, and PD7000

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The PDA1044 digital I/O external expansion module adds four digital inputs and four digital outputs to any ProVu meter. Up to two digital I/O expansion modules may be added to each meter, for a total of eight (8) additional digital inputs and outputs per meter.

External digital inputs function similarly to the F4 digital input on most ProVu models. They can be configured to trigger events (e.g. acknowledge/reset alarms, reset max and/or min values, disable/enable all output relays), provide specific menu access, or mimic front keys. Digital outputs can be used to remotely monitor alarm relay states or the states of a variety of actions and functions executed by the meter.

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