PDA7485-N Trident RS-232 to RS-422/485 Converter


RS-232 to RS-422/485 Non-Isolated Converter

Converter with isolated and non-isolated configurations

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The PDA7485 converts unbalanced, full-duplex RS-232 signals to balanced, full or half-duplex RS-422 or RS-485 signals. 

The RS-232 port, configured as a DTE port, has a female DB9 connector with pins 2 (RX output), 3 (TX input), and 5 (Signal Ground). Pins 7 (RTS) and 8 (CTS) are tied together, and pins 1 (CD), 4 (DTR), and 6 (DSR) are tied together. The RS-485 terminal blocks support Transmit Data (DO) and (/DO), Receive Data (DI) and (/DI), and Signal Ground. A separate terminal block supports the power input (+12VDC) and power ground (GND).  Baud rates are automatic and handled by the PDA7485. The PDA7485 has three diagnostic LEDs: a Power (P) LED to show when the converter is powered properly, a Transmit Data (TX) LED to show when the converter is sending data out from the PC side, and a Receive Data (RX) LED to show when the converter is receiving data from the network side. The DIP switch SW1 is located between the screw terminal connectors and allows for system configurations.