366 Series Vibration Monitor


366-A8 Vibraswitch Malfunction Detector single pole, double throw load contacts and 120 volt AC reset coil voltage

Robertshaw 366 Series Vibration Monitor

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Is it your job to keep rotating and reciprocating machinery in working order? Then you know an unforeseen mechanical malfunction can be costly. Since seeing into the future is not yet a product we can sell, the 366 Vibraswitch is the failsafe backup you need to catch a problem before it happens. When the vibration level of a machine exceeds the preselected normal amount, the Vibraswitch produces an audible warning or a shutdown circuit.

Key Features:

  • Self-powered
  • Acceleration sensitive – measures destructive forces
  • No maintenance – no moving parts except when set-point is exceeded
  • Continuous protection – easy installation that requires no attention afterward
  • Long life – rugged and durable, with no wearing parts

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