Cell Checker Pulse Load Battery Tester


Cell Checker pulse load battery tester for SLA battery testing

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The Cell Checker offers accurate pule load testing on SLA batteries and identifies weak or failing batteries in alarm systems. With the Cell Checker, you can test battery performance, not just voltage and internal resistance.

Key Features:

  • Simple operation
  • Pulse Load testing with test results in 15 seconds
  • Measures battery performance under load, not just voltage or internal resistance
  • Computes State of Charge for lead acid battery types (SLA, AGM, Gel, Flooded)
  • Quickly and easily identifies weak or failing batteries
  • Tests 2-volt, 4-volt, 6-volt, 8-volt or 12-volt batteries up to 200A
  • Ideal for battery management and cell matching - reduce costs and increase reliability
  • Identifies weak or failing batteries in alarm systems
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