M8 Smoke Centurion Detector Tester


M8 Smoke Centurion for functional testing of smoke detectors either hand-held or with a dispenser

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The M8 Smoke Centurion Smoke Detector Tester is UL / ULC listed and offers the lowest cost per test. Use the Smoke Centurion either with a dispenser, or hand-held.

Key Features:

  • More tests per can
  • Fast detector activation
  • Silicone free testing - reduced risk of detector contamination
  • Formula approved by leading detector manufacturers
  • High eco responsibility: ozone friendly (no CFCs) and low GWP propellant

The Smoke Centurion is available for purchase in quantities of 12. Get a trusted smoke detector testing solution - get the M8 Smoke Centurion with eco-friendly propellant and low cost per test at BHD Instumentation.

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