AT-1000 Freeze Valve Test Kit


AT-1000 Freeze Valve Test Kit for indication of presence or absence of moisture in liquefied propane gas.

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Excess moisture can enter the LPG supply chain at many points, among them are Railcar Transload facilities, Highway Bulk transports and the local Bobtail delivery truck. Maintaining product quality requires vigilance at each transfer through the supply system. So what can you do? The solution to ensure your customers are provided with propane that meets the ASTM D-2713 test standard for dryness is by using Viatran's Freeze Valve Test Kit to verify that the propane has remained dry. Catch the problem before your customer does.

Key Features:

  • Simple - No complex equipment or additional chemical tests needed
  • Portable - 8 inches by 1 inch, less than 2 pounds
  • Reliable - Designed to meet ASTM D-2713, ISO 13758 and JLPGA-S-10T Valve Freeze Method Test Standards
  • Repairable - Repair service available