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Contact Us

bhd customer service

For pre and post sales support, technical support, product information, and order expedition:

email or call toll free 1.800.565.3317

RMA Form

If you require service for your equipment, please complete our form.

BHD Locations

Edmonton (Head Office)

8505 Argyll Road
Edmonton, Alberta
Canada T6C 4B2

Tf: 1.800.565.3317
Ph: 1.780.434.7850
Fx: 1.780.988.5177


Bay 132 5050-106 Ave. SE
Calgary, Alberta
Canada T2C 5E9

Ph: 1.403.259.0069


1120-22091 Fraserwood Way
Richmond, BC
Canada V6W 0A8

Ph: 1.604.276.4585
Fx: 1.888.759.6411

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