Megohmmeter Model 5050 (Digital, Analog Bargraph, Backlight, Alarm, Timer, 500V, 1000V, 2500V, 5000V

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The AEMC 5050 Megohmmeter 5000V is the latest digital and analog megohmmeter insulation tester designed with safety first in mind. It features automatic calculation and presentation of dielectric absorption ratio (DAR), polarization index (PI) and dielectric discharge (DD); test voltage, insulation resistance, and leakage current displayed during testing; and sample capacitance and discharge voltage present at the test leads displayed at the conclusion of the test. The Model 5050 Megohmmeter is designed with the highest level of built-in safety features, and conforms to IEC safety standards.

Key Features:

  • Test voltage combination of 500V, 1000V, 2500V and 5000V
  • Insulation measurements from 30k? to 10T?
  • Adjustable and programmable test voltage (40 to 5100V)
  • Automatic calculation of DAR, PI and DD values
  • Direct measurement and display of Capacitance and Leakage Current
  • Display resistance, test voltage and run time
  • Programmable test run times and PI ratio times
  • Smooth and Alarm functions
  • Automatic test inhibition if live sample is greater than 25V
  • Automatic discharge and display of discharge voltage
  • Large dual-display with time, voltage and measurements shown
  • Rugged dual wall weatherproof field case
  • Designed and built to IEC safety standards
  • EN 61010-1, 600V Cat. III