FOTRIC TD3-LD Fotric Handheld Acoustic Imaging Camera


Fotric Handheld Acoustic Imaging Camera

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    FOT TD3-LD

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The FOTRIC TD3-LD Acoustic Camera is a state-of-the-art diagnostic tool designed for industrial environments to detect and analyze gas leaks, partial discharges, and mechanical vibrations with high precision and efficiency.

Key Features:

- High Precision Microphones: Equipped with 96 built-in MEMS digital microphones for accurate detection even in noisy settings.
- Extensive Detection Range: Capable of detecting issues from 0.3 to 130 meters, ensuring comprehensive coverage.
- Wide Acoustic Spectrum: Covers an acoustic spectrum from 2 to 96 kHz, revealing a broad range of potential issues.
- Real-Time Imaging: Provides real-time acoustic image overlays on visible digital images for precise localization of defects.
- Ergonomic Design: Features a user-friendly, handheld design that is intuitive and requires no prior training.
- Advanced Diagnostics: Includes sophisticated algorithms and PRPD graphs for detailed assessment of partial discharge activity.
- Cost Estimation Feature: Analyzes sound data to estimate leakage rates, aiding in maintenance planning and budgeting.
- No Training Required: Designed for immediate use with an intuitive interface, making it accessible for all skill levels.