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    VIA 385CASX1839

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VIA 385CASX1839

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The Viatran 385CASX1839 Flush Tip Pressure Transducer is designed to deliver accurate pressure measurements in a variety of industrial applications. With a pressure range of up to 160 PSIS and a flush tip design, this transducer ensures precise readings even in challenging environments.

Featuring robust construction and advanced technology, the 385CASX1839 transducer provides reliable performance and long-term durability. Its flush tip design allows for easy installation in tight spaces and ensures consistent measurements without the risk of clogging or damage.

Ideal for use in process control, hydraulic systems, and industrial machinery, the Viatran 385CASX1839 Flush Tip Pressure Transducer offers unmatched reliability and accuracy. Trust Viatran to provide high-quality pressure measurement solutions for your critical applications.