ADT 919A Pneumatic High Pressure Test Pump


Pressure Port Type: M - M20X1.5 female, Set: None

Additel 919A Pneumatic High Pressure Test Pump with pressure generation from 95% vacuum to 2,000 psi and hand-tight connectors

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The Additel 919A is a hand-operated pressure pump that’s designed to generate pressure from 95% vacuum, to 2,000 psi (140bar). Thirty seconds is all it takes to reach 2,000 psi using the long lever. The high-quality screw press is specially designed for fine pressure adjustments, and has an adjustment resolution up to 10 Pa (0.1mbar).

What’s more, a specially designed shut-off valve makes pressure as stable as possible during calibration, and a built-in gas-liquid isolator protects the pump from moisture and dirt. Residual liquid in the pump introduced from devices during testing is collected and pushed out during pressure release so you can spend more time testing.

Key Features:

  • Generate up to 2,000 psi (140bar) in just 30 seconds
  • High resolution of up to 0.001 psi (10 Pa, 0.1 mbar)
  • High-quality screw press for fine pressure adjustments
  • Shut-off valve makes pressure stable during calibration
  • Gas-liquid isolator protects pump from moisture and dirt
  • Residual liquid is collected and pushed out during pressure release
  • Manufactured with anticorrosive and wear-resistant material to improve reliability
  • Hand-tight Quick Connectors allow for easy connecting and disconnecting to the test pump without the need for PTFE tape or wrenches
  • 1-year warranty

Additel’s 919A Pneumatic High Pressure Test Pump is an easy A. Come in to BHD Instrumentation and put us to the test — we guarantee we’ll pass with flying colours.

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