AEMC Instruments PEL 102 Power and Energy Logger


AEMC PEL 102 Power and Energy Logger with w/3 MA193-10-BK Sensors

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The PEL 102 is ideal for electricians, engineers and contractors doing work in the area of building and system monitoring and upgrades, as well as residential and overall energy audits.

All vital energy data is easily measured, recorded, and analyzed. Reports can be generated with confidence with minimal configuration time and effort.

The instrument’s design enables it to be installed inside a load center panel (including the current sensors) allowing the door to close on most panels.

Key Features:

  • Works on 50, 60, and 400 Hz networks
  • Designed to work in 1000 V CAT III and 600 V CAT IV environments
  • Power measurements include VA, W, and var
  • Energy measurements include Vah, Wh (source, load), and varh (4 quadrants)
  • Time of use costs recorded
  • DataView software for data storage, real-time display, analysis and report generation with supplied pre-defined or custom templates
  • Ethernet compatible

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