QDRK56C Quadrature Digital Ring Kit


QDRK56C Quadrature Digital Ring Kit, 1201 RK, 199 SM, 0.625

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The quadrature ring kit provides a 60-pulse per revolution quadrature signal for use with electronic control equipment requiring rotational-direction information. Two signals, 90° out-of-phase, are produced by the sensor. When the leading edge of ‘Output A' precedes the leading edge of 'Output B', shaft rotation is forward. When the opposite is true, the monitored shaft is rotating in reverse.

Key Features:

  • High speed digital pulse train
  • Easy to retrofit
  • Impervious to dust, oil, and water
  • 60 or 120 pulses per revolution
  • NPN open collector output
  • Line driver option available 5 -15 VDC

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