475 Field Communicator

475 with HART & Foundation Fieldbus communication, Bluetooth communication, and ATEX, FM, CSA, and IECEx certifications.

Emerson 475 Field Communicator with universal HART support, device diagnostics, and Host System interoperability

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Safe, rugged, long-lasting, and built-for-purpose, the Emerson 475 Field Communicator is your go-to in field device management. Get equipped with the best features like a full-colour graphical user interface, a long-lasting Lithium-Ion power module, and universal support for HART and Foundation Fieldbus devices.

Manage, update, and expand. With the 475 Field Communicator, you can back up and manage hundreds of device configurations with full transferability between your field communicator and any PC. Better yet, the 475’s Easy Upgrade Utility lets you download new HART and Foundation Fieldbus Device Descriptions when they become available.

Need valve diagnostics in the field? With the ValveLink Mobile application and the 475 Field Communicator, you can perform valve signature, dynamic error band, PD one button sweep, and step response tests on HART and Foundation Fieldbus Fisher FIELDVUE digital valve controllers — fast. Diagnose issues in the field, or transfer the results to an asset management system for a more in-depth analysis and documentation.

Key Features:

  • Full-colour graphical user interface that supports graphs, charts, gauges and pictures for fast diagnosis
  • Get powerful device diagnostics so you can troubleshoot in the field
  • Long-lasting Lithium-Ion power module gives you days of power
  • Universal support for HART, WirelessHART, and FOUNDATION fieldbus devices
  • ValveLink Mobile application delivers advanced field diagnostics for Fisher FIELDVUE digital valve controllers
  • Easy Upgrade gives you the ability to keep your system software and device drivers up to date via the web
  • Bluetooth communication information transfer
  • Flexible Host System Interoperability

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