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CertiFiber OTDR Module: Multimode; Additional Variables: None; Gold Support: None

OptiFiber Pro OTDR with Versiv Technology

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The Fluke OptiFiber Pro OTDR allows users to test two fibers at once, eliminating the need to test the far end of a connection. It supports copper certification, fiber optic loss, and fiber end-face inspection.

The innovative Versiv platform allows you to accomplish more than ever before with a design that supports copper certification, fiber optic loss, OTDR testing, and fiber end-face inspection giving you uncomplicated power and unparalleled efficiency. With the industry’s only smartphone interface, the OptiFiber Pro gives you ease of use, and the DataCenter OTDR configuration eliminates uncertainty and errors that occur when testing data center fiber. Ultra-short dead zones enable fiber patch cord testing in virtualized data centers. Use SmartLoop OTDR to enable automated testing and analysis of two fibers in a single test, automatically separating fibers for individual pass-fail analysis, display, and reporting, cutting your test time in half and allowing bi-directional testing without moving the OTDR to the far end. LinkWare management software generates unparalleled analysis of results, and can generate professional reports all in real-time.

Key Features:

  • Unique Versiv platform, Smartphone interface, DataCenter OTDR mode, SmartLoop OTDR, FiberInspector Pro video system, and LinkWare Live management software provides the most complete and innovative optic fiber testing solution on the market
  • Ultra-short event and attenuation dead-zones precisely locate events and faults on fiber links
  • Quickly test datacenter fiber with DataCenter OTDR mode, and an event map that depicts fiber events in a way that requires no trace analysis expertise
  • Test and analyze two fibers in a single test while meeting standard requirements by automatically separating two fibers for individual pass-fail analysis, display, and reporting
  • Full OTDR capability that certifies fiber performance based on job assignment for each operator, powerful project management that facilitates OTDR sharing, easy monitoring of job progress, and on-screen report generation
  • Use video inspection to quickly inspect and certify fiber end-faces inside ports or patch cords, 1-second pass-fail certification eliminates human subjectivity and results can be saved in the certification report alongside OTDR results
  • Extremely short event and attenuation dead zone and two-second trace per wavelength
  • Any OptiFiber Pro test set has the option of wireless capabilities. Wireless model sets also include a WiFi adapter for LinkWare Live
  • Choose from a number of accessories