Foot Pound Dial Type Torque Wrench


½ Inch Square Drive Dial-Type Torque Wrench with 0-250 ft per lbs range

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Whether your need is automotive, aircraft, marine, or industrial, you can find durable, rugged and accurate tools from Gray Tools. The DFN250B ½ Inch Square Drive Dial-Type Torque Wrench is no exception. Here’s the basics: it’s got a capacity of 0-250 ft per lbs, it operates in both left- and right-hand directions, it comes certified from the factory confirming its calibrated to specification, and it’s backed with a 1-year warranty.

Key Features:

  • ½" square drive size
  • 0-250 ft per lbs range
  • 5 ft per lbs increments
  • 21 ½ inches long
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