PDA1232 ProVu RS-232 Serial Adapter


ProVu RS-232 Serial Adapter

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The PDA1232 converts the serial output of the ProVu meter to an unbalanced, full-duplex RS-232 signal. The RS-232 port has a female DB9 connector with pins 2 (RX output), 3 (TX input), and 5 (Signal Ground). Pins 7 (RTS) and 8 (CTS) are tied together, and pins 1 (CD), 4 (DTR), and 6 (DSR) are tied together.

The adapter is powered by the ProVu meter M-Link connection. The PDA1232 has three diagnostic LEDs: a Power (P) LED to show when the adapter is powered properly, a Transmit Data (TX) LED to show when the adapter is sending data out from the PC side, and a Receive Data (RX) LED to show when the adapter is receiving data from the ProVu meter.