Model 365 Vibration Switch


Model 365 vibration switch with amplitude and frequency monitoring, audible and visual warning systems, and explosion-proof housing

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When it comes to your reciprocating and rotating equipment, you need a detection solution that can protect your technicians, and your machinery from serious damage due to malfunction. Want more peace of mind? We’ve got just the solution.

The 6000 Series Model 365 is a vibration switch that is designed to protect your rotating and reciprocating machinery. The 365 monitors for both amplitude and frequency of vibrations. Any increase over normal limits with actuate the vibration switch, providing a shut-down circuit before costly damage occurs. An audible or visual warning system can also be wired into the switch to signal when a malfunction has occurred. Falling bearings, broken blades, and similar malfunctions cause increase imbalance or high frequency vibrations—get the best detection solution with the 365 vibration switch.

Key Features:

  • Weather resistant enclosure that meets NEMA Type 4 specifications
  • Explosion proof housing that meets Class 1, Groups C and D, and Class II, Groups E, F, and G hazardous area classifications
  • Monitor both amplitude and frequency to protect against machinery failure
  • Optional visual and audible warning systems
  • Designed for maintenance-free service in permanent installations

Protect your machinery and personnel — get the 6000 Series 365 Vibration Switch and get the peace of mind that comes with innovative design.

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